About Wilkes School


The Wilkes School shares it rich history and strong foundation with Grace and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (1802) and the former Grace and St. Peter’s School (1946-2010). Grace and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church was established in 1802. Shortly thereafter (1806), Saint Peter’s, the first “free school” for boys in Baltimore City, was opened.

A separate girls’ school was added in 1845. In 1852, the building that currently houses Grace and St. Peter’s Church was erected at the intersection of Park Avenue and Monument Street, just one block west of Mount Vernon Square.

The separate boys’ and girls’ schools continued until 1919. In 1946, Grace and St. Peter’s established a preschool under the direction of Bishop Daniel Corrigan. In 1949, The Reverend Rex B. Wilkes and Mrs. Bernice Wilkes expanded the school with a commitment to provide a strong academic, aesthetic, and ethical foundation for children of working parents.


In 2009, the Board of Trustees approved a plan and instructional model for grades 2-5 that preserves the traditions of Grace and St. Peter’s, but with a 21st century focus: core subjects are taught by subject specialists, interdisciplinary thematic units spark student engagement and guide inquiry, and special subjects enrich the core curriculum.

To identify the distinctive and innovative changes, implemented in 2010, the board elected to name the school The Wilkes School at Grace and St. Peter’s. Continuing the legacy of its founders, The Wilkes School at Grace and St. Peter’s is committed to academic excellence, social and ethical development, and joyful learning. Throughout the School’s history, it has distinguished itself as one of the most diverse student populations in Baltimore.

Independent and affiliated with Grace and St. Peter’s Church, The Wilkes School, a coeducational day school, enrolls children from preschool through fifth grade. Since its founding in 1946, the school has provided a solid educational foundation to the most diverse school community in the area. The Wilkes School is committed to the social and moral development of its students, embracing its diversity as both essential and natural. Consistent with our mission to serve the children of working parents, we include in the price of tuition before and after school care.